Chemistry Olympiad Monetary Awards:

Students who compete locally receive a free T-shirt with the Olympiad logo. After the exam, all participants are invited to refreshments (dinner), hosted by students majoring in chemistry at Canisius College. In addition, monetary prizes are awarded for students and their teachers, according to students’ exam scores. All these are made possible by financial grants from Honeywell, DuPont, and Canisius College.

Student RankingStudent’s
# 1 All-around score$ 300$ 200
# 1 Score, with no AP course$ 200$ 200
# 1 Score, no AP offered$ 200$ 200
# 2 All-around$ 200$ 100
# 3 All-around$ 150$ 100
# 4-7All-around$ 100$ 50

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